Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts are pre-made Christmas decorations made by Orbit Exports. This includes decorations such as Christmas stockings, tree skirts, table runners, and more.

Designs are developed by our Inhouse designers, they create designs as per the machine language and according to the demands from the customers. Different textile designing softwares are used on Jacquard for creating different designs.

Designers play on the fabric with Jacquard with different types of yarns with different colors and its keeps changing from season to season.

Our fabric are used for the following purposes:
– Evening and high fashion garments
– Decorative home furnishing
– Christmas/Carnival/Haloween/Easter Festivals
– The fabrics are also used in Church drapings

These fabrics find high utility in U.S., Europe and Latin America. Specialized yarns like polyester yarns in different deniers & cottons, acrylics and Metallic yarns with different colors.